Instrumental and General Music
     Mr. Poirier
 General and Instrumental Music

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CONGRATULATIONS to SENIOR STRINGS for earning a Gold Award at the Fantastic Festivals on Friday, June 5, 2015.  They earned a score of 84.5 out of 100.  Nice job, Senior Strings!

Maggie for "Student of the Month" for October/November
Eric for "Student of the Month" for December/January
Bella for making Northern Regional Band and
Elle, Lydia, Bella and Astrid for participating in Regional Select Band.
Lindsay for "Student of the Month" for February/ March
Aiden for "Student of the Month" for April/ May

Students should attend all lessons with their instrument(s), music book/folder/sheet music, and a pencil.  7th+8th graders are expected to bring their laptops to all lessons.

Students are expected to practice 20 minutes per night or 100 minutes per week.  This amount of practice should guarantee their success on their music which should make their rehearsals much more enjoyable.  7th+8th graders are strongly encouraged to use their SmartMusic software on their laptops when they practice.

Some words about grading in instrumental music:
-Failure to remember one's instrument or attend a lesson or rehearsal is an automatic "F" for the day (equal to 55 point out of 100).  It is impossible for me to teach you without your instrument.
-Failing to bring one's sheet music or lesson book will result in the deduction of 10 points from your grade for the day
-Failing to bring one's pencil will result in a deduction of 3 points from your grade for the day
-If you attend your lesson or rehearsal on time, with your instrument, sheet music, and a pencil, but you didn't practice significantly, the highest grade you can earn would be a "B"
-If I have to teach the same thing I taught you the week before, you haven't practiced enough!

Some words about grading in general music classes:
Effort and participation are 90% of your grade.  Talent is only 10% of your grade.  If we are singing in class, try your hardest, sit up straight, and use your best singing voice.  If we are playing instruments, play only when asked.  If we are doing anything involving questions and answers, raise your hand quietly to be called on.  If you shout out the answer, you will not receive credit for participation.