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September 9, 2017

Dear Parents,

I hope you are enjoying the weekend! I can’t believe that the leaves are changing color already!!

Our opening assembly was attended by all students in the school and addressed the school goals of Respect, Responsibility, Safety, and Kindness. The importance of perseverance and balance was also highlighted in the session.

In addition, KCS introduced a new initiative that will promote and foster student personalized learning, FLEX.  FLEX represents the “Flexible Learning Experience”. There are two facets to FLEX. The first is designed primarily for grade level remediation and enrichment, depending on the needs of the students. Students can meet with teachers, retake assessments, or continue independent work on projects.

The second part of FLEX will take place weekly on Tuesday afternoons. During the first term, teachers are offering cross grade-level enrichment activities not normally available in the regular curriculum. All students and teaching staff are involved in this endeavor. Our two highlighted themes for the term are perseverance and balance. As all participants become familiar with the format, we hope that student-initiated projects will become more common in future terms. 

The learning taking place during Tuesday FLEX periods will not be graded. It is a low-risk opportunity for students to explore new ideas and to practice the skills of perseverance and balance. It may provide fodder for student-led conferences in the spring. We will keep you informed as the FLEX program continues to unfold.

Open House is on Wednesday. Hope to see you there! A letter has been sent out with the details. If you have any questions, please call the office. Have a great day! 




Principal, KCS