The Swift House


Second grade students went on a walking field trip to visit Ms. Smith at the Kent Historical Society's Swift House.  Students were welcomed by Ms. Smith ringing the bell to announce the start of their visit! 


Students then gathered around the pictures of the schoolhouse that they would have attended had they lived in Kent during that time.  The students loved seeing the old pictures of the students at their schoolhouses.


Then Ms. Smith, Ms. Anderson and Mrs. Lindsay, who were pupils at Kent Hollow and Ore Hill schoolhouses, shared stories about the school day, games they played and even showed old notebooks from local families!

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The students of course loved hearing that the teachers would stay at the homes of the students, parents paid for schooling with wood and the children played naughty tricks on each other and their teachers!
Thank you to Ms. Smith, Mrs. Lindsay and Ms. Anderson for a fun afternoon!

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