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 General and Instrumental Music

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Students should attend all lessons with their instrument(s), music book/folder/sheet music, and a pencil.  7th+8th graders are expected to bring their laptops to all lessons.

Students are expected to practice 20 minutes per night or 100 minutes per week.  This amount of practice should guarantee their success on their music which should make their rehearsals much more enjoyable.  7th+8th graders are strongly encouraged to use their SmartMusic software on their netbooks when they practice.

Some words about grading in instrumental music:
coming soon!

Some words about grading in 3rd and 4th grade general music classes:
The grade for 3rd and 4th grade music classes will be based on student ENGAGEMENT.  This will include the student's overall effort, participation and behavior.  The grade will be on a 4 point scale:
4- Consistently engaged
3-Frequently engaged
2-Occasionally engaged
1-Seldom/Never engaged

8th Grade General Music grading:  

LEARNING PRACTICES:  Each class, students will receive five scores for their learning practices.  These include "preparedness" (brought netbook and pencil to class), "engagement" (focused their efforts on classwork), "formative practice" (completed practice assignments), "meets due dates" (turned their work in on time) and "perseverance" (put in good effort amidst challenges).  Not every learning practice will be scored for every class.  They will only be scored when they are relevant.  

Music theory worksheets (mostly in term 1) will be considered "Formative Practice"

Music compositions (terms 2 and 3) will be summative assessments and count toward the regular achievement grade.

Senior Band assignments:
Eventide, Ghosts in the Graveyard
Senior Strings:
Minuet #2 (Bach), G major scale two octaves
Intermediate Band assignments:
We're On a Mission to Rock, Hunter's Mountain
Intermediate Strings assignments:
coming soon!
Advanced Strings assignments:
Sawing on the Strings, Vivaldi Concerto
Beginner Band and Strings:
coming in NOVEMBER
Jazz Band:
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