Drum Rudiment Videos
Please click on a video to hear a model performance of a rudiment at a specific tempo.  Special thanks to Max Foote (KCS '18) for performing them so well.

9 Stroke Roll at 88bpm:

9 Stroke Roll at 100bpm:

9 Stroke Roll at 110bpm:

Flams at 72bpm:

Flams at 88bpm:

Flams at 100bpm:

Flams at 110bpm:

Flam Taps at 72bpm:

Flam Taps at 88bpm:

Flam Taps at 100bpm:

Flam Taps at 110bpm:

Paradiddles at 60bpm:

Paradiddles at 72bpm:

Paradiddles at 88bpm:

Paradiddles at 110bpm: