Region One Schools

Connecticut's Region One School District

Kent Center School is part of the six-town 
Region One School District

The other towns in the district are:

DIRECTIONS        Falls Village       Lee Kellogg School 
DIRECTIONS        Cornwall             Cornwall Consolidated School 
DIRECTIONS        North Canaan    North Canaan Elementary School 
DIRECTIONS        Salisbury            Salisbury Central School 
DIRECTIONS        Sharon                Sharon Center School

All six are K-8 schools and graduating students feed into the 
Housatonic Valley Regional High School 
in Falls Village.


The administrative offices for the district are located in the high school. The mailing address is: 

Region One Central Office
236 Warren Turnpike Road
Falls Village, CT 06031

The Pupil Services office is located in the white house 
adjacent to the high school.


Superintendent -  Lisa Carter 824-0855 
Asst. Superintendent - Jeanine Rose 824-0855
Director of Pupil Services-  Rebecca Gaschel-Clark 824-5639
Supervisor of Pupil Services - Ashley Holmes 824-5639
Business Manager-  Sam Herrick  824-0855